“The house is a machine for living in.” - Le Corbusier

Hi, I’m Rebecca! I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband, two young kids, and dog. I used to work in product management and data science at Airbnb. I helped technical teams build tools and products, and my job was to increase the effectiveness of my teams. I think in systems and loved doing this work.

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Now I’m ready to bring my tools home and increase the effectiveness of my house. Since really, a house is a machine and we are all its engineers (see Le Corbusier quote above).

In a nutshell, I write about using systems to simplify your home and life.

Lots of organizing content, TV shows, Instagram accounts, and blogs talk about:

  • How to clean out your closet

  • How to organize your belongings by color so they photograph well

  • How to buy a lot of stuff at the Container store

But very few talk about how to:

  • Maintain order with very little effort

  • Get more time back in your daily life

  • Reduce your mental load

That’s where I come in! Systems can help with all these things, but it takes practice to start thinking in systems. People dedicate their lives to studying this stuff. There’s a whole field called systems engineering and method called systems thinking.

This happens to be how my brain works so I’m here to help you apply systems thinking to your life (generally using bullet lists to save time). The right systems can change everything—I really believe that.

If that sounds intriguing, start here:

Best of Your House Machine

I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

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Rebecca @ Your House Machine

Pacific NW mom and former tech worker pursuing a simpler, more organized life. My brain runs on optimizations.