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✨1:1 Minute Personal Consultations✨

I now offer personal consultations on your house system conundrums. Because my method is to teach you how to run your home sustainably, working virtually is an ideal format. And if you’re in Portland, I’m also happy to pay a house call.

Here’s how it works:

We spend 50 minutes together on FaceTime or Zoom going through your space and understanding your challenges. I give you advice in real time, and follow up with detailed written guidance (imagine a recipe or step-by-step guide) via email. Because my goal is to teach you rather than do it for you, an hour is all we need to create an action plan.

You implement, get to ask follow up questions and send updates as much as you like. We might meet once, we might meet weekly or monthly for a while…it’s totally up to you.

💬 “Working with Rebecca is relaxing. She clears the overwhelming aspects by lending a keen mind even to problems that have been assessed and optimized, releasing potential and fun ideas.”

- Steph P, client

💬 “The virtual format worked better than I expected. I was able to share my space and challenges with Rebecca, and she taught me core principles that I could then apply to any future challenge I faced. I have ADHD so having firm rules to fall back on has been really helpful.”

- Danielle R, client

Here’s what a typical session looks like:

  1. You give me a tour of the space we’re going to work on. This might be your whole house, it might just be one room. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll do a walk through of your whole space.

  2. I ask questions about what works and doesn’t work for you, and where your frustrations lie.

  3. We decide together the most important area(s) to focus on. We laugh, we cry (for real…feelings about our spaces can be intense!).

  4. I provide recommendations and we talk about challenges you might face and ways to overcome them. This is most successful when we focus on one room or “category” during our time together.

  5. I follow up with an emailed step by step plan for you to follow.

  6. You get to email and text me with follow up questions and updates as much as you need.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to prepare anything or clean my house before we meet?

A: Definitely not! It’s most helpful if I can see how things work and look in your everyday life. So show me the good, the bad, the ugly.

Q: I don’t even know how to define my struggle — I just know I want something to change.

A: Totally fine. Sometimes when you’re too close to a problem it’s hard to see the components. That’s where a neutral third party perspective can be helpful. We will look at the pieces of your household machinery (even if systems are down at the moment) and figure out the best place to start.

Q: I’m embarrassed to show you my space.

A: I operate in a judgment free zone. My house is far from perfection and I really truly have seen it all. I have the deepest respect for someone who takes action to improve their life and happiness, so I admire you already just for reaching out!

Q: My house is in pretty good shape, but I’d like to fine tune things.

A: Sounds good! I’ve hired professional organizers to consult with me before. They made sure I’m seeing the big picture and not missing anything, and it was super helpful.

Q: How is this different from traditional professional organizing?

A: Most organizers will offer 3- or 6-hour packages where they come in, sometimes with a team, and do the work with you. This can be a great solution for some! What I offer is a little different:

  1. I teach you to fish rather than giving you a fish. You will do the work yourself, with as much support as you need from me — this is really the best way to ensure it lasts.

  2. Doing the work helps program your body to stop acquiring so much stuff, and also builds confidence that you really can do it yourself. Because you CAN!

Q: Yikes, I can’t do this alone!

A: You are welcome (and encouraged!) to bring a friend/helper on our call. This person can help you execute or be your accountability parter. Again, my goal is to help you be successful on your own, and that might mean someone in your life becomes part of your system. Or if we discover you truly need brute force heavy lifting and clearing help, I’ll help you find a service locally.

Q: How do I know you’re able to help me? I have a unique situation/a special kind of house/etc etc.

A: That’s the brilliance of systems theory: it applies to everything. We will identify what your system is, where it’s breaking down, and find ways to get it working. This approach works for anyone, in any space. I promise you this.

Q: I’m in the Portland, OR area. Will you work with me in person?

A: Yes! I love meeting readers and working in person as well. If you’re outside the city, just drop me a note and we’ll work out a good time allowing for travel.

💬 “You get used to living small frustrations faced each day that never seems to warrant fixing. It was cool to see my wife and Rebecca actually commit to take some time together and analyze our kitchen space. The results of the study: I honestly feel better every time I use the kitchen now. Thank you, Rebecca!”

- Carlos K, husband of a client


Price: $165/session

*Power-motivation special: Get 3 sessions for $375 and tackle a project per month!*

Sliding scale available if you want to work together but can’t swing this cost — just reach out!

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