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“Here’s your permission to legitimize how you actually live, and set up your home to support that.” I love this so much!

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Haha I have used the limbo clothes bin thing for my husband too. Literal exact same problem.

Also my kids often don't put away their outdoor toys in the nice, spacious outdoor storage bin. Instead, they leave stuff lying around on the side porch, on the floor or on furniture. I put a decent-looking plastic bin right by the door so they could at least drop things in there instead of strewing randomly. Seems to have worked!

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The Innovative solutions for life’s pesky problems keep coming. Delightful!

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I have a chaos area, and know that I’m stressed, not coping when it us a chaos room. Deciding that a chaos area was ok for me has been helpful

Otherwise it is containers. And then i forget where things are. Thats not fun.

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